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Forward Thinking

By forward thinking we help new opportunities to be market ready, fully operational and compliant.


Our expertise and services bridge the gap between the traditional and non traditional insurance market.


Embracing forward thinking, pushing the boundaries and innovating for the insurance industry.








About Insevo

Providing a complete suite of services to the MGA, Coverholder and start-up underwriting agency space – including Insurtech, Insevo delivers operational capabilities and efficiency.

We cover all of the necessary back-office operational functions and requirements, allowing our clients to focus on underwriting and distribution. Our services also extend to start-up agencies in the set-up phase.

With over 35 years’ experience in the set-up and operations of reinsurers, insurers and agencies, we have the flexibility, capability and proven expertise to implement practical market solutions.


Getting Operational

Understanding and navigating various insurance structures can be complicated. Our advisory services assist and support the planning and decision-making process, ensuring the optimal structures and outcomes are in place for market entry.

Guidance and Advice

This service is delivered via interactive workshops, and offers ongoing access to our experts as challenges or questions arise.

We are experienced, efficient and it’s what we do best.

Our Services Include:

  • Guidance and understanding of various insurance structures
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities for agencies
  • Guidance and understanding of capitalisation planning 
  • Approaching and partnering with capacity providers
  • Guidance and support in negotiating the structure and agency agreement 
  • Back-office technology solutions and policy administration systems 
  • Guidance and understanding of the overall agency administration structure and process












Professional Services

Tailored to clients who are almost ready to enter the market, or already in the market and looking for savings and efficiencies. Most MGAs and Coverholders don’t need or have the budget for a full-time team of experts across all skillsets. Our services cover all key roles allowing our clients to select services as required.

Our services include:

  • AFSL application process or becoming an Authorised Representative (AR)
  • Implementation and management of the Compliance and Risk Management framework 
  • Establishment of all internal and external policies and procedures 
  • Responsible Management as a service
  • CFO as a service 
  • Implementation and negotiation of all necessary external providers 
  • Implementation and management of policy administration system
  • Set-up and management of agency ledger
  • General accounting excluding tax
  • Cash processing and receipting
  • Premium and Commission booking and distribution
  • Financial management and reporting
  • General administrative support
  • Assistance, management and co-ordination of internal and external audits
  • Assistance and support of due diligence process









Over the years Insevo has developed many trusted, long-standing relationships with capacity providers who benefit from our support in providing ongoing deal flow to expand their market reach. 

Through understanding the objectives and specific requirements for their agencies, we match our clients with the most appropriate capacity provider.

Our services include:

  • Facilitating introductions to capacity providers 
  • Assisting with negotiating the remuneration structure
  • Assist in understanding capacity provider’s requirements

For capacity providers:

  • Introduction to new binder opportunities at cost effective rates
  • Assist in understanding new binder opportunities from an operational perspective 








Our Directors

Our directors have an impressive depth of experience spanning from insurance boardrooms, through to delivering our clients’ back office needs.

Nik Lytas

Nik Lytas

Nik Lytas is the founding director at Insevo and has more than 10 years experience working in the insurance industry. As a qualified lawyer with a previous private practice history in insurance and advisory, Nik has extensive industry experience working with a variety of foreign reinsurers, start-up underwriting agencies and top-tier insurance institutions.

Kevin Forder

Kevin Forder

Kevin Forder leads professional services at Insevo and has more than 25 years experience working with global insurance and reinsurance companies. As a chartered accountant specialised in insurance financial management, Kevin has extensive industry experience and has worked with a significant range of regulated institutions. Kevin is also a Non-Executive Director Aior Nissay Dowa Insurance Company Australia and Non-Executive Director AFTA Insolvency Chargeback Scheme Limited (ACS).

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